A Rendezvous with Sierra Towers

Sierra Towers is considered to be one of the wonders of the constructional marvel of the modern era. As a matter of fact, this Full Service Building is situated at 9255 Doheny Road and this magnificent building is quite close to Beverly Hills. This is a residential building which can be aptly described as something like a high rising condominium. In terms of geographic location this particular building is close to West Hollywood which is set in California of United States. It is basically an apartment building which has been constructed with a good amount of planning as well as precision. When you take a look at this fantastic piece of art you truly feel like acknowledging the exquisite blend of art and utility. Technical nitty-gritty’s of the building The Concierge building had been conceptualized as well as designed by none other than the celebrated architect Jack A Charney A I A. Jack happened to be a highly distinguished contemporary architect who was based in Beverly Hills. Jack took the onus of building this ravishing building in the 60’s and the building was completed in 1965. It will be interesting to note on your part that in the initial stage the building did not flaunt its present appellation (Sierra Towers). The building used to be known as the Spoon Apartment Building. It is definitely one of the most luxurious as well as exclusive properties in entire USA. Sierra Towers enjoys a unique positioning. As a matter of fact, this ravishingly stunning building is located the foot of a hill. So the windows of this incredibly beautiful building do have a great deal of beauteous panorama to bring to your notice the moment you would like to open up the windows. Elegant dignitaries who have been residents of this famed building There is in fact an array of great dignitaries who have been residents in this building. For example you will be delighted to know the names of John Collins, Cher, Elton John, Julian Burke, Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, Diahann Carroll, Vincent Gallo, Bill Shoemaker, Nino Tempo, Jim Morris, Lindsay Lohan, Evender Holy field, Rachel Zoe, Niki Haskell, as well as many other luminaries. The bevies of celebrities who have been the residents over here in this astounding building are all unanimous that in terms of beauty and utilitarian aspects it is definitely one of the most luxurious real estate properties that can boast of multi faceted features. Most striking features of the building The Sierra Towers puts together a number of scintillating aspects which will be of great appeal to those who are eyeing for most exquisite pieces of condominiums as well as high rising apartments. In the first place the building is a combo of both. It is in fact considered to be the loftiest residential tower in the entire LA. You have to be amazed at the windows of this building. They cover from floor to the ceiling of the rooms. This way you are always entitled to have a great view of the scenic beauties that surround the building. The building offers great flood plans and amazing features such as spas, fitness center, valet, front desk, pool, ballroom etc.

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