Porsche to Debut in Real Estate Sector with Luxury Condos

porsche design towerPorsche, the luxury automobile manufacturing giant is reportedly planning a grand entry into the real estate sector with a luxury high-rise condo apartment building slated to be completed by 2016 in Miami, Florida, according to several media reports.

The posh condo apartment called “The Porsche Design Tower” will be a 57-floor, 132-unit apartment building. Porsche is developing the property with popular real estate firm, Dezer Developers. Designed by the Sieger Suarez Architectural Partnership, the high-rise will be one of a kind, reports Luxurylaunches.com.

The most interesting feature of the building is that it will have a separate robotic elevator for your car! So, if you had once dreamed of driving directly to your doorstep, this might just be a possibility.

The car elevators follow a three-step procedure. Firstly, the car is scanned, then it is placed onto a turntable, aligning the car with the lift and finally, a robotic arm takes the vehicle into one of the three glass elevators and takes you to your respective condo in the building! However, one can also opt for a passenger-only lift, while a valet parks your car through the robotic lift. A special car concierge will take care of car maintenance in the building. All the cars will be parked in a sky-garage.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the condos will range from 4200 to 17,000 square feet in size and the price will range from somewhere around $4.5 million to $25 million. Almost 50 percent of the condos have already gone under the escrow, representing proceeds of around $400 million.

The condos will have large floor-to-ceiling glass windows that will allow ample views of the car-garage. The apartments will have modern European architectural design with amenities like private pools in each unit and summer kitchens as well.

www.realtytoday.com by Rapti Gupta

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